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The Multiderm™ represents a true breakthrough in skin exfoliation and skin care. Because of its multiple capabilities, the Multiderm™ can exfoliate, similar to a microdermabrader, while at the same time infuse topical moisturizers and topical anesthetics, as well as act as an excellent pre-treatment modality for laser and IPL procedures.

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  • Exfoliation and smoothing of skin
  • Infusion of topical moisturizers
  • Pre-treatment of hair, skin and vascular tx
  • Post treatment of laser and chemical peels

Using the patented Multiderm™ system, the entire exfoliation and infusion process takes less than 11 minutes on the face compared with 35 to 45 minutes with outdated suction microdermabraders. The massage-like treatment is extremely comfortable for patients, thus eliminating a harsher, rougher treatment used by existing suction microdermabraders for better skin care.

Dr. Monique S. Cohn, has used Multiderm since 2005 with 1,000's of satisfied patients.
For more information on dermabrasion and her practice in Twinsburg, OH, visit

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